Nourished Kitchen

Jenny is always serving up something traditional yet unique, from egg drop soup with duck to mulberry crumble and bacon, chicken, and green beans.

Nourished Magazine

A smattering of health, nutrition, and food articles

Food Renegade

A Texas girl after mine own heart gives you Real Food recipes from our own state, plus many others. Tutorials on fermenting, kombucha, and making butter. Comes with a hearty side of food activism.

Kitchen Stewardship

Katie takes a uniquely Christian perspective on eating well and using healthful cleaning and body care products. She talks about the practice of praying in the kitchen and as we do our mundane tasks. She understands regular people live on budgets, and she breaks down big lifestyle changes into small steps so you don’t get overwhelmed.


A good collection of comforting, healthy recipes, including lots of GAPS diet stuff.

The Nourishing Cook

Kim is cooking through all the recipes of the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

The Cornucopia Institute

Cornucopia fights for small, organic farming and reports on information of note about GMOs, organics, food analyses, nutrition, and farming methods.

What Katie Ate

Some great food photography and some yummy food.


Cardigan Empire

Reachel shows you how to dress according to your figure type (with formulas to determine which you are), pulls modesty without frumpery off without a hitch, and introduces terms like “price per wear.” Largely Anthropologie-inspired.

Grosgrain Fabulous

A nice mix of large-scale sewing projects with clever, smaller refashion or embellishment projects even beginners can do. Cute photo shoots featuring the authoress.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans

A trendier fashion site to give moms ideas for how to look cute on the go. You may not go for some of the zany stuff, but you’ll be inspired.

Cotton and Curls


Nesting Place

I love The Nester’s motto: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” Fresh colors and inexpensive ideas for your space that aren’t intimidating.

The Reluctant Entertainer

Equal parts hospitality and cooking, this blog will make you want to invite people over.

Design Sponge

DIY, entertaining, and before/afters of interiors, all with a decidedly mod twist

Apartment Therapy

It’s not just for apartments. Lots of flea market finds and refinishes, how to deal with small/ugly spaces.

Design Mom

How to decorate with kids in your life, cute kids clothes, not-tacky crafts to do with kids, and a good dose of French stuff as this large family lives abroad in a French farmhouse.

Passionate Homemaking

Faith-centered homemaking, learning at home with the kids, and natural, frugal living


Total nuts and bolts of how to get–and keep–your house clean. FlyLady makes it fun and doable.

The Inspired Room

Tons of DIY, remodels, and “How I Keep My House Clean Enough”


Weston A. Price Foundation

A goldmine of nutritional and health information in the “Journals” tab

Chris Kresser

Solid information on hypothyroidism and its link to gluten intolerance; diabetes; obesity; heart disease; and natural childbirth. Paleo diet perspective.

Ray Peat

Another take on nutrition from a biologist/physiologist. Take with a grain of salt.

The Daily Lipid

Nutritionist Chris Masterjohn’s blog, for when you’re ready to get in-depth about nutrition

Cholesterol and Health

Chris Masterjohn’s blog (see above) at its new address


Harmony Art Mom

Charlotte Mason schooling with art/music appreciation plans available for purchase, as well as guidance on nature study

Simply Charlotte Mason

Lots of free CM resources, such as daily schedule examples and scope and sequence. Others available for purchase. Very active forums that are great for getting answers to your questions.

Ambleside Online

The free online Charlotte Mason curriculum for all ages, plus all of Charlotte Mason’s writings in .html or Kindle format.

Classical Christian Education Loop

Essentially a free online classical curriculum with a year rotation that differs slightly from Well-Trained Mind. A wonderful 1,000 Good Books List and 100 Great Books List.

Mt. Hope Chronicles

Heidi shares her beautiful photography alongside lists of what each of her boys are doing in their classical homeschool and Classical Conversations.  She also posts links to all kinds of thought-provoking stuff that will feed you as an educator.

Homeschooling in a Bilingual Home

Silvia is Charlotte Mason homeschooler, and since she originally hails from Spain, is educating her kids bilingually.  She’s a voracious reader and posts all kinds of book reviews.  She also focuses on the ideas we’re getting at when educating our kids, like truth, beauty, how ideas connect to one another, and are we treating our kids as trophies.

Heart of the Matter

Great ideas and encouragement

Simple Homeschool

Nuts, bolts, and ideas for homeschooling

Circe Institute

A heavy-hitting blog when it comes to talking about the sacred duty that is educating our kids. No fluff here.  Stuff like How a Coleridge Poem Connects Us to the Nexus, A Re-examination of Feminism and the Church, and The Artist and the Moral Imagination.

Following Jesus

A Deeper Story

Out-of-the-box reflections on what it implies to be a Christian in everyday situations

Desiring God

The best blog on the Internet for when you need to set your priorities straight. Non-sentimental but powerful. Every. Single. Post.

Life in Grace

Beautiful home decor, a little cooking, and a lot of reflection on being a Christian from fellow lover of C.S. Lewis and homeschooling mom

A Worthy Life

Reflections on motherhood and living for Christ

The Run Amuck

Where an M.A. in Creative Writing meets reflections on God, marriage, love, sin, and parenting


Posy Gets Cosy

Embroidery kits, a beautiful hand-knit, hand-sewn child’s wardrobe, comfort food, quilting, and some of the sweetest and most tender writing out there.

Soule Mama

A family homesteading in rural Vermont. And knitting a lot.

Small Things

A new favorite, with regular Read- and Yarn-Alongs. Six kids with great names like Keats, Larkspur, and Beatrix. A vegetable garden, chickens, doll-making, and family life.


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