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Strawberry Fields Forever

My Little Strawberry

Late Friday night, Husband Man said, “What are you doing tomorrow?”

Inside my head: Staying in my pajamas til 4:00 and not leaving the house except to go to the grocery store, like most weekends?

Out loud: “I might call my mom up to go shopping for a little while. Why?” No answer.

Later, he hits me up again, saying that I never told him what I was doing. I retorted that I had, indeed, but that he hadn’t answered me. He dodged. I knew something was up.

Strawberries at Froberg's

Saturday, he surprised me with a surprise trip to go STRAWBERRY PICKING!!! I was so psyched. I’ve been wanting to go to this place for a year or two, and I love it when we do family outings like this. I really need to make it a habit to get out of the house for leisure more often.

Picking at Froberg's  Me at Froberg's

Strawberry Farm


Strawberry Picking

Me & Mustard Seed

We went to a u-pick farm on Highway 6 in Alvin, Texas called Froberg’s. They had plenty of strawberries ripe for the picking, despite the many people that were pouring in. They sell vegetable plants to take home for your garden. They also grow other crops in a different area that are sold in their store. The store has all kinds of Texas goodies: pecans, wild local honey, jalapeño jelly, bread and butter pickles, peach salsa, and homemade fried pies, including lemon, buttermilk, satsuma, and fig, to name a few.


Trophy Husband

Free Ride


Gerbera Daisies

Homemade Fried Pies

Vegetable Stand


Jalapeno Jelly

Okra Pickles



Outside the store is a small shack where they sell all kinds of smoked meats. We got some ribs and some jalapeño cheese venison sausage to eat at the picnic tables. Farm stuff for me + sausage for Husband Man = happy couple.

At Froberg's

Me & Mustard Seed at Froberg's

When we walked in, there was someone selling fruit trees by the parking lot. There were some varieties I’ve been interested in for a long time but unable to find without ordering from the Internet (which I’m lazy and hesitant to do), such as the Kiowa blackberry and the Ein Shemer apple tree. Unfortunately, the lady could only take cash, but she told us we could go a short distance to their nursery and they’d be able to let us pay with our card.

We went there towards the end of the day, and a man walked up to our car and told us they had closed at 4:00 but that he’d open the gate and we could look at the trees. The man turned out to be Paul Froberg, who owns or runs the nursery, and he was chock full of information and about the friendliest guy you could hope to meet. He used to teach Master Gardener classes.

Mexican Lime Tree


Ultimately, he discouraged us from getting any citrus for our location due to greater cold, so we didn’t get the lime, which Husband Man was very excited about. He’s been making homemade limeade, peel and all, almost daily, and our habit is getting quite expensive with store-bought limes. Paul encouraged us to come back around Thanksgiving, when they would have dwarf Persian lime trees that would do better and be easier to protect from potential freezes. He said from Thanksgiving until mid-February, they have citrus tastings at the nursery, where you can taste 60 different kinds of citrus and have a wine-tasting and dinner. The picking farm also offers night-time adult tours where dinner is served.

We did adopt three Brazos blackberry bushes, and Paul threw in a fourth Kiowa because he’s just that kind of guy. If you need quality plants or good gardening information, he’s your man.

All three of us had a great time out at Froberg’s. It was truly a lovely memory for our family. Props to Husband Man for thinking of it.

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