A Day in Town

Today Mustard Seed took her first medals test in highland dancing.  Actually, her first test of any kind, ever. We practiced at home, got ready, and then I drove her up to the school in a light rain shower.  When we got there, my old dance teacher who I hadn’t seen in years was there and gave me such a hug and teared up on seeing me.  Made me feel very loved.

I had to leave the room for the test, but I had a good vantage point through a small window in the door and got to watch her. She was cool as a cucumber.  In front of two teachers, a judge, and 15 high school girls, Mustard Seed didn’t even hesitate. She did a good job.  Now we await the results.

Afterwards, we went ice skating in the middle of the day.  We had a gift certificate from Christmas that’s about to expire.  We had the whole rink to ourselves.  I practiced going backwards and doing small twirls and got lots of exercise.  Mustard Seed is a very good skater, too. She fell a number of times, but she’s getting so good at picking herself up and going on.

Then I headed over to a meeting at church.  The Episcopal Church is about to hold its General Convention this summer, and blessings of same-sex unions are likely to be approved, subject to approval by individual bishops. I went to find out more about what will be happening at my church. I have a lot of feelings about this, but the main one is that no matter what, Christians are called radically to love and be kind to everyone. I do not say we must accept all actions. I just think that loving people–and not just the people who say the things we like, who look like us, and who live near us– gets lost in the shuffle when we turn the issue into a merely political one, either in favor of or against.


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