Dewberry Picking

Nothing says spring in Texas quite like dewberries.

They bring back memories of my early childhood in rural Texas amid piney woods.  Walks down the curving road under a pink ruffly parasol with my dad teaching me how to skip and run backwards.  A shaded sandbox in back of the house.

We are so fortunate to have dewberry bushes growing in profusion within walking distance of our house.  I’m changing some things about the way we homeschool.  One of the things we’ll be doing a lot more of is spending time in nature.  Scouting for dewberries seemed the perfect opportunity for this, so Mustard Seed and I scoped out the situation last week.  We found one or two ripe ones, but almost all of them were still green.  The good news is there are lots!

This week, we went back  with two friends to check their progress.  Oh, what fun we had!

The primroses are blooming all behind the house.  (We always called them buttercups.)

I was a little sceered getting so deep into the thicket, but that’s where all the good ones are!  We came prepared with boots, pants, and sticks.  We have to remember the gloves next time, too!  Won’t be long until these ones are ready.

Can you see all the green ones?! Look what awaits us in a few weeks! Yum!

We ran into these pretty flowers along the way.  I’m wondering if they’re some kind of violet.

Amazing to think that if I let the weeds in my yard go completely, they would turn into this beautiful thistle flower.  Still…no, I’ll be pulling these on my property and just enjoying them in the wild.

I’m not sure what these red fuzzy ones are, but I sure do like them.

Our cache turned out to be small but delicious.  If you’ve never had a freshly picked dewberry, don’t deceive yourself: they’re not just blackberries.  The flavor is similar, but dewberries are more tart and they have that certain je-ne-sais-quois.  Just go pick some for yourself if you can and find out!  I’ve heard fresh-picked blackberries also put store-bought blackberries to shame.

Of course, you can’t have dewberries without stained fingers–and usually a few thorn pricks, too.  It makes them all the more delicious!


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