Beginning the Year Slowly

We are slowly getting back in the swing of schooling again after about 2 weeks off during the holidays.  I went over to The Homeschool Store and got several historical novels we’re supposed to read, along with our History spine on the Renaissance and Reformation for this semester.  Mustard Seed worked on Math and read her new graphic novel of The Hobbit alongside me while I worked on a few things today.

Before we knew it, it was time for her to go over to play at a friend’s while I went to my acupuncture appointment.  This was my second one.  But I can already say with certainty that it’s had a positive effect on at least one of my chronic problems.  From there, it was a quick trip to the grocery store so I would have something to throw in the crock pot for when The Headmaster and Mustard Seed came home later.  A soup of beef ribs and drumsticks with red potatoes was tonight’s fare.  We drove into town for my choir practice and so I could hand Mustard Seed off to The Headmaster.  On the way, we saw not less than 6 people pulled over by the police.  Mustard Seed said, “It’s not a good night to do something bad while you’re driving.”

Fearing our talk of “the cops” while speeding has given her a negative view of them, I said, “That’s true, but it’s never a good time to do something bad, is it?  Thank goodness we have the police to make sure people aren’t doing bad things and making things unsafe for everybody.”

Thoughtfully, she said, “Policemen are kind of like parents for grown-ups.”

The astuteness of the observation made me laugh, which of course, Mustard Seed didn’t like.  I tried to explain difference between laughing at and laughing about, but so far it’s lost on her.


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