Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was lovely. Just the right mix of relaxedness and socialness. We had T-day lunch at a hotel buffet, which was great–and it was wonderful not being tired from cooking and cleaning all day! Then we headed back to my mom’s to chill out and have pie.

Friday, we lolled around until having an old friend over for dinner. Saturday, it rained cats and dogs, and in Texas these days, that’s really saying something. It’s been so long since I’ve been around rain that when I had to stand outside in the milk line, I couldn’t think how I was going to keep from getting wet! (Duh: umbrella!) We had a great brunch with my aunt and her family, and then I came home to do a bunch of knitting on a skirt I’m making for Mustard Seed.

Today was schizophrenically sunshine-y and very cold. My uncle, who’s staying with us, made some killer French toast, and late in the day we made a trip to the sporting goods store to look for a tent since he’s about to move to Hawaii and camp until he can build a house. Then we hit the plant nursery, and I was very discouraged to find that their “70% off trees and shrubs” sign was a total sham and false advertising, so I didn’t end up getting the kumquat and satsuma trees I had selected. I did still get two muscadine grape plants. We ended the weekend by having my aunt and company over for dinner, and it was really nice an cozy with the fire going and the delicious garlic/basil/tomato sauce my uncle made to go with some spinach pasta. (Man, that guy is spoiling us!)


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