Nourishing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Originally posted 11/16/11

Nourishment. Feeling truly fed. Not just filled up with something, not tided over. Real sustenance. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

There’s a lot in the world that is filler. Sometimes even the things we think are nourishing us turn out not to be. This is true with food, everyone wanting a fast, easy way to keep themselves going at a feverish pace and often settling for something less-than, but isn’t it true of many other things, too?

We listen to news that covers the same event repeatedly to stretch it to fit the airtime; much of it we could have lived without to begin with. We converse with people about the weather or the latest events or celebrities, and later are shocked to discover that the person we were talking to is going through a tremendous personal struggle we knew nothing about. We spend way too much time reading articles written at the fourth grade level, and not nearly enough time reading what’s timeless and challenges our minds, hearts, and vocabulary. We look to buying something new for a renewed sense of excitement and entertainment. We get our solace and our sense of the eternal from pithy quotes and clever one-liners that someone posted to Facebook; we’re trying to drink from a dripping faucet when there’s a river that would quench us if we’d go to it.

Who is we? We is me. Is it possible that maybe it’s you, too?

Everyone needs nourishment of a deep and lasting kind. They need to linger over a meal cooked by loving hands and share what’s on their minds, what worries them, what they thought was hilarious today. They need to be given constant reminders of what really matters, of questions that are worth asking and answering. They need to feel creative and have chances to appreciate beauty. They need evidence of a God who loves them and has a plan and cares what happens in their lives. They need to be built up and restored to every kind of health.

Those are the kinds of things I’d like to talk about at Nourished at Home. New recipes I want to try, what we’re doing for homeschool, memories we’re making, things I’ve been meditating on or reading, stuff I’ve been making, ideas on what to wear or how to make home a little homier. It will probably be all over the map, like my interests from day to day.

Nourishing myself is not always easy and doesn’t always come naturally to me, as you’ll probably see in these pages, but it’s worth it and so necessary. This is my chronicle of reaching for that goal. Thanks for letting me share.


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