My Black Friday

Coming home from a friend’s house last night at 11 pm, I passed Best Buy and Macy’s where there were lines of people wrapped around the building waiting to get in. I can proudly say I’ve never taken part in one of those midnight mad dashes for deals, and God willing, I never will. I will admit I was a little more tempted by the 10 pm Target opening, but that’s just because I’ll take any excuse I can get to get inside a Target.

Well, maybe any excuse, if it doesn’t involve missing out on time with my family and friends and uh, you know, giving…thanks…to God.

So here’s what I’ve got slated for my “Black Friday” (really, who comes up with this stuff?):

  • Enjoy some quiet time while everyone else is sleeping in to blog
  • Pick up some groceries because tonight we’re having over a friend I haven’t seen in a long time
  • Spend some time with my uncle who’s in from out of town
  • Work on the ballet skirt I’m knitting for Isabella
  • If I get really lucky, do some sewing
  • Page through the copy of How to Never Look Fat Again that I borrowed from my mom
  • Go for a brisk walk (no, that’s not in the book but I bet it has a better chance of actually working)

Do you participate in the day-after-Thanksgiving madness? Or, like me, do you lay low? What are you up to this year?


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