A Snapshot of You at 7 Years Old

  • You have lots of collections: rocks, insects, foreign money, sea shells, bottle caps.
  • You still love baby dolls–currently, Jelly Belly, my favorite doll when I was a child.
  • You sing at a very high pitch and are enjoying children’s choir. You practice all the time.
  • You can figure out songs on the piano all by yourself, chords and all.
  • You like to cut things out of paper to give as gifts.
  • You say you want your room done in a tennis theme.
  • You want me to record your “health information” in a notebook.
  • Your Christmas list includes a “spa table,” a lean-to in the backyard, and a pet peacock, among other things.
  • Yesterday you wanted me to wear my white sundress (in December) so we could be twins, since you had yours on.
  • You love butternut squash, as long as you think it’s sweet potatoes. Salmon has fallen out of your good graces. You beg me to cook Swiss chard in butter.
  • You wanted lemon curd popsicles the other night, so we made some. They didn’t set. We didn’t complain.
  • N. and I. are your best friends.
  • You always want to have play dates.
  • You ask me to do everything with you, even when you are with friends.
  • You were delighted when you saw the hotel lobby at your Christmas concert: a huge fireplace with large gingerbread houses and a train running around the mantle; a two-story Christmas tree, and a sleigh with Santa and gifts piled in it.
  • You love the Renaissance leotard I found you at Value Village for $2.
  • You’re so smitten by your grandparents (and vice versa).
  • You watch a political satire puppet show with your father and think it’s hilarious.
  • You say you want a farm or ranch with cows and horses when you grow up and that you will give me raw milk from your farm.
  • You grind your teeth incessantly while you sleep. It worries me to death, even though your dentist said it’s no big deal!
  • You’re very sensitive about getting nicks and bumps.
  • You use your teaching clock as a toy: the number blocks are people, the clock is a boat, and the shelves are a house, you say.
  • One of our friends left a tiered cardboard Christmas tree at our house. You are using it to play house with our wooden nativity figures. You have Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Eric and Ariel. Eric and Ariel are dolphins. One is an evil dolphin. Not sure why, but I can actually tell the two, nearly identical dolphins apart; I know every time which one is the evil one.
  • You don’t like to read on your own at length, but you do love to be read to and will sit still for almost any story.
  • You love horses and dancing, as always.
  • After Uncle Paul played fiddle for us recently, you’ve been wanting violin lessons.

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